BreiRijk Opens September 27 2012

BREIRIJK is a full service local yarn store

We’ll be opening Thursday Sept 27 at 2:30 pm with a ‘Tricot-Thee’.

Tricot-thee is a time for women to gather with their knitting and crochet projects, books and experience, and  share and learn from each other and enjoy each other’s company.

 We provide coffee and tea and a beautiful, well lit atelier space

 Drop in any time between 2:30 and 9 pm.  


We are located in the cozy village of De Pinte on the main street, just 2 blocks from the train station. 

 BreiRijk is een ‘full service’ breiwinkel.

 We openen op donderdag, 27 september om 14:30 uur met een ‘tricot-thee’.

Tricot-thee is een tijd voor vrouwen om samen te komen met hun brei- en haakprojecten, hun boeken en hun ervaring, om te delen en te leren van elkaar en gezellig bijeen te zijn.

Wij voorzien koffie en thee en een mooie, goed verlichte atelierruimte.

Kom langs wanneer je wil, tussen 14:30 uur en 21:00 uur. 





About naturalcolor

Passionate about textiles, threads and color. I began knitting and sewing as a little girl and found spinning and weaving via my experience at Marygrove College in Detroit for Waldorf teacher education. Learning to spin, first on a drop spindle, then on a spinning wheel, made me feel as if I had done this in another lifetime. It seemed effortless. Since then, my passion for threads, yarns, color and weave effect, knitting and natural dyeing has led me into the rich world and cultures of textile design. Through the study of weaving, knitting designs and natural dyes, I have learned the archetypal connection we as weavers, knitters and dyers have to each other around the world and the richness of our art as we express our cultures through our craft. Ultimately, my passion is to preserve these life-giving arts through the connections we make with each other and ourselves with our craft, the information we store in our minds and hearts, and the stories and techniques we pass on to the next generation.
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One Response to BreiRijk Opens September 27 2012

  1. Katy says:

    Ik ben blij dat ik op de opening van je breiwinkel was…
    Wat een prachtige wol!!!!!

    Nog héél véél succes
    misschien kom ik wel eens op een handwerknamiddag… is dit elke donderdag? En… vanaf hoe laat?


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