In this workshop, you will discover the range of  pure, deep colors  in the color spectrum offered by natural dyes on cotton/linen and wool and silk fibers.   While you learn the technical aspects of natural dye coloring, we will study the significance of color and effects on your physical body, emotions, and spirit.   You will learn how to prepare the fiber for perfect and consistent results and colorfastness.   We use only the highest quality natural dyes that promise pure, deep colors and the best possibility of colorfastness that natural dyes have to offer.

We will be combing the use of natural colors with an introduction to Shibori:


Stitched, clamped, and folded shibori on silk with natural dyes

Shibori is a shaped, resist -dyeing technique that is so much more than the tie-dye that became well known in the 60’s.   Shibori is a dye-resist technique that is used to create simple and complex, seemingly printed, patterns on fabric and which also can be used to create texture and more dimension to fabric.  The resistance to the dye on fabric is achieved by using string or thread to stitch or tie fabric or by clamping or folding the fabric.  These techniques have been used for centuries all over the world and exemplify many textile traditions in East, Mideast, Africa and South America.  Shibori designs add mystery and beauty to cloth unequaled by any other surface design technique.

This class is broken up into two sections:    The class must be divided into 2 sessions per week because of the 2-step process required, and each shibori technique is followed by the dye bath lesson.  Participants will have the chance to take sample work home and bring their extra samples to dye on Sunday.  It is not an option to participate on Sundays only.

Saturday & Sunday, July 28, 29, 2012,    9:30-17:00

Saturday & Sunday:  August 7, 8, 2012,      9:30-17-00 

Natural Dye & Fiberworks Atelier at Salviapark 38, De Pinte

Beginning level, taught by Catherine van Laake, textile designer

Instruction fee: €310   Includes sample materials, dyes, and handouts.  Payment in advance by July 25th.   Maximum 10 participants.

Spacious studio space with outdoor patio workspace and perfect light conditions.   Bring your own lunch, but tea, coffee and biscuits provided.

If you would like to attend this Shibori workshop or would like more information, please fill out the form below.



About naturalcolor

Passionate about textiles, threads and color. I began knitting and sewing as a little girl and found spinning and weaving via my experience at Marygrove College in Detroit for Waldorf teacher education. Learning to spin, first on a drop spindle, then on a spinning wheel, made me feel as if I had done this in another lifetime. It seemed effortless. Since then, my passion for threads, yarns, color and weave effect, knitting and natural dyeing has led me into the rich world and cultures of textile design. Through the study of weaving, knitting designs and natural dyes, I have learned the archetypal connection we as weavers, knitters and dyers have to each other around the world and the richness of our art as we express our cultures through our craft. Ultimately, my passion is to preserve these life-giving arts through the connections we make with each other and ourselves with our craft, the information we store in our minds and hearts, and the stories and techniques we pass on to the next generation.
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